Wednesday, April 05, 2006


3 washlotion for Sensitive Skin

For people with sensitive (body) skin, their option to choose soap is (very) limited. They don't have a luxury, like most girls, to change soap casually. Yeah yeah, soap brands are increasing every day as you can see more and more commercial ad exposing pretty girls who dance with bubles, scrubbing their neck and smile happily :P

As I am one of them (who has sensitive skin, not pretty girl in bubles) sometimes I envy my girlfriends who standing eagerly in soap aisle in the supermarket, choosing which new scent they want to try. Lavender, Green Tea, Strawberry, Camomile, Orange, what else... grass uh?

Soap for sensitive skin usually didn't come with scent. It's odorless or what they say 'parfume free'. The pH usually is 5.5. It's very mild so you can use it as facial wash too, and most of it Expensive. Way more expensive than regular soap.

The problem with me is I have a this dermatosis that 'pushing' me to use sensitive-skin product.
Previously I used 'Sebamed Liquid Cleanser pH 5.5' or 'Sebamed Shower Fresh pH 5.5' (which has fresh scent, but more expensive). This soap is too pricy for a liquid soap, it cost 360 baht/9 USD for 300 ml of content. Compare this with regular soap price that is just 80 baht/2 USD for 500 ml of content.

But I don't have option I should use this pricy soap, otherwise I will get some irritation spot on my skin (aww..!) then will be more costly 'cause I have to buy other medicine :P

Then some girlfriends suggest me 'Eucerin Washlotion' and 'Johnson pH 5' for alternatives. Eucerin is good, I use it now. And most of it, cheaper than sebamed. With the same price I can have a double size of bottle that I can use for 2-3 months :P (depend on how many times I take shower in 1 day).

Unfortanetely I can not get Johnson pH 5 in bangkok. My girlfriend said It's cheaper than eucerin and have babyish scent. Hm, interesting!

Sensitive Skin, Sebamed , Liquid Soap, Eucerin

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Make Up Tutorial

Since I started realize that I'm approaching 30 this year (next month honey, next month... ) I become more concern about skin care stuffs. I mean use them regularly, all of those cleansing-foam, cleansing-toner, sun-protection, moisturizer and powders.

People said, you should start maintain of your skin when you were 30. Ok, actually women should start earlier, 30 is the limit. Otherwise I will say 'welcome' to wrinkles soon :P

After dealing with this skin-care stuffs, then I start to learn how to put make up on my face (perfectly) now. MakeUp means blush on, eye-shadow (highlight, shadow, effect), eye-liner, mascara and lipstick (gloss, matte, balm, etc).

Since I'm still 'learning' then I don't have any review about make up, yet. But soon I'll do ;)

As I'm still in the beginning learning process, I enjoy watching video tutorial make-up. Here are some good ones:

- Dior website: Make Up Tutorial
- Chanel Video-Tutorial
- Maybelline

Other sources are not in video formats just a guidance to get 'the' look:
- Rimmel

Or just ask MakeUpDiva for any question about makeuo. Or see what celebritis/make-up artist use in Make Up411 BestOfTheBest

Saturday, March 25, 2006


When choosing Similac Formula

The first time I started giving my baby infant formula, I almost didn't think when I chose the brand. I simply just call my girlfriend, and ask her what she gave to her babies. That simple. No searching about price, comparing the compositions and figure out which one is best.

But later, I started to think that as a good parent, we should do a small research about this. At least standing in front of 'baby foods aisle' in supermarket longer than usual ;)

In our experience, 'formula research' means: asking more other parents, searching in the internet, comparing prices in the supermarket, and including buy several brands to see whether our baby fine with it.

After those research, we came up with 2 brands of follow-up formula (they named 'infant formula' for formula that special made for baby below 6 months, and 'follow-up formula' for baby between 6 months to 3 years). It's Similac Gain Advances “Follow-up Formula” and Nestle Bear Brand “Follow-up Formula".

If you're doing 'formula wanted' research, you might want to know what matters to infant or follow-up formula. Here is a summary source from parents magazine written by Jennifer Kelly Gedes. The idea is: those formula try to replace breastmilk.

Of course breast milk is the best. It helps protect babies from infections, allergies, obesity, and adult heart desease. But breastfeeding isn't always possible, and many moms both breast- and bottle-feed.

When it's time to pick a formula, the choices can be overwhelming. Here's what to know to cut through the confusion:

Friday, March 24, 2006


Intermezzo: Tall or Not?

I am as tall as Jennifer Aniston (but double her weight :P)
I am taller than Mahatma Gandhi and Winona Ryder :)

Height does matter. People prefer to be tall (and slim). But maybe this issue is more tendencious for men (men should taller than women, bla bla bla).

For women, tall means that you're 75% beautiful. I mean, if you describe someone to others as "Tall and...", before you finished your description they (75%) had imagine that your 'someone' is beautiful :P

And knowing that you are as tall as some actress, sometimes, reliving :)

Yeah, anyway.. here's a link to see whether you're Tall or Not.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Style Guide

Looking good is all about making the most of yourself. If the mirror takes a step back when you look into it, don't make excuses. Learn to work your wardrobe to your advantage. Look better today with these basic style rules.

The style basics

*Recognise your assets and choose clothes which flatter this part of your body.

*Show off your breasts OR your bum, never both in one outfit.

*If you have love handles or a round tummy, wear textured fabrics and wrap-around tops.

*If you have a short or wide neck, avoid tops that are open at the neck, rather than high or round ones to lengthen and slim your neck.

*If your clothes are too tight, you'll look fatter not thinner; straining fabric is a style no-no.

How to wear colours

*Only wear shiny fabrics and bright colours on areas that you are sure can stand up to being in the limelight.

*If you have sallow skin, dark circles or bags, don't wear black near your face, it only draws attention to it.

*Combining black with bright colours makes the black look boring and the colours look cheap.

*If you're petite or of larger build, avoid a dramatic contrast between top and bottom as this will cut you in half.

Your bra

*Always make sure your bra is lighter or the same colour as the clothes you're wearing.

*If you have big breasts - it's essential to wear a bra that fits you properly; a good bra will lift the boobs and give definition to the waist.

*Balcony bras look great on girls with large chests.

*Avoid thin back straps unless you are totally fatless or you will end up with unsightly back bulges under your clothes.

*If you have small breasts - spaghetti straps will offer enough support. it's all right to show the straps off under spaghetti strapped tops and dresses, as long as the bra is pretty.

*If you want to create cleavage, wear 'chicken fillets'.

*Small breasts look good in bras with 'chicken fillet padding' and a draw-string front.

Your knickers

*Wear flesh-coloured underwear under white, light or see-through clothes.

*If a skirt is see-through but not figure-hugging, opt for big, flesh-coloured knickers rather than a G-string.

*If you have obvious cellulite on your bum, avoid G-strings at all costs when wearing thin fabrics.

Making the most of accessories

*If you've got a large chest and you're embarrassed to show off too much flesh in a v-necked top, wear a large necklace to cover the area.

*Never wear a scarf or necklace over the top of a roll-neck jumper.

*Don't wear long pendants that nestle in your cleavage if you have big boobs.

*If you have a double chin or your face is chubby, opt for longer earrings.

*If you have a short neck, avoid large, choker-style necklaces.

*Chunky costume jewellery is a stylish way to add colour and individuality to your outfit.

Choosing the right pair of shoes

*If you have thick ankles, don't wear delicate, strappy heels, ballerina-style shoes or ankle straps which cut across the ankle.

*If you have skinny legs, avoid thin, teetering heels or they'll look like they're going to snap under the weight of your body.

*If you are pear-shaped, avoid dainty kitten heels.

*Trousers and jeans should fall to the bottom of the heel.

*Black shoes look best with darker colours - don't wear black shoes with light-coloured clothing unless they are extremely dainty.

*Don't wear black shoes with bright colours as they make your outfit look cheap.

Compiled by Abbie Fereday based on BBC's What Not to Wear programmes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Compact Powder: Etude Twin Cake

Do you prefer compact powder or loose powder? Compact powder is more handy and easy to carry in your purse. But sometimes it's too "heavy" for everyday use as most of them contained with foundation also.

When I was teenage in Bandung - Indonesia, I don't really care about this powder business. Sometimes just use baby powder as a loose powder :) Saving huh!
Then later (still in teenage time) I tried Bedak Marcks, made by Kalbe Farma (popular pharmacy in Indonesia). It was nice though, and cheap!

I was satisfied by this Bedak Marcks, but then I get consumptive :P As an ordinary young-lady it was tempting to try other brand of powder. Compact powder, loose powder, whatever! Sariayu, Johnson, Mustika Ratu, Caring, then to The Body Shop, Maybelline, etc etc and never satisfied! Always try a new one(s).

Until I know this baby : Etude Twin Cake. It covers my face smoothly, light and natural. And easy to blend with my skin tone.
Etude is Korean Brand, that made specialized for teenagers (aha, am I teenager? huahahaha). This twin cake contains foundation with SPF 15, so sounds perfect uh? The price is not that cheap though, it's about 20 USD for one package. But you can have its refill with 13 USD, it's a nice package also though, with a puff but without mirror. So, I'm with Etude twin cake now for everyday use.

How ABout You?


Mousse Foundations

source : Herworld Singapore

Why Mousse Foundation?

* Light as air, they go on like the second skin, give the natural finish of liquid formulas & the coverage of powder cakes. Perfect for combination to oily skins.

* Light As A Feather, A light, fluffy mousse texture isn't just good for chocolate, but makeup too. Celebrity makeup artist Andy Lee says such products give a more natural finish, with longer staying power, too.

* Mousse-type makeup is best over liquid or cream foundations. Because of its content, it cakes over a powder base.

* Better for oily skin: A mousse type makeup primer (eg Shu Uemura UV Under Base DF) gets the job done without the creamy heaviness, says makeup artist Sam Ong.

So which one is your priority: the one with the Best Value? Flawless Finish? Full Coverage? or Most Lightweight?

Best Value : Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, SG$ 24.90

"Easy to blend, it feels weightless, like I have nothing on. Its oil-control power is impressive - lasted 6 hours before I started to shine. A good performer at an affordable price."

Flawless Finish: Clinique Active White Lab Solutions Pore Minimizing Mousse Foundation, SG$ 52

"It glides on smooth and minimises lines and pores - my skin looked beautiful! It's light; pores don’t feel clogged. It stays on all day and doesn't streak, even when you sweat."

Most lightweight:

Biotherm Matte Souffle Foundation, SG$ 55

"A featherweight - if I didn't see how my complexion was evened out after I applied it, I wouldn’t have realised it was on. It mattifies and smoothens, too. I like that it's not messy or difficult to apply."

Full coverage: Clarins White Plus Soft Touch Lightening Foundation, SG$ 53

"For it's light texture, it gives very good coverage and hides light acne marks, too. It glides on well and spreads easily. It’s got good oil control – used it all day and only saw a light sheen at 6pm."


So which one is my choice?
The best value it is: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, color: light beige.
It's matte. Not glossy. Light. And perfect for my normal-oily skin :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


What's Your Cleansing Foam?

Recently I use "Neutrogena-Pore Refining" Cleansing Foam . Together with this foam, I also use its Toner and Essence from the same seri.
For my normal-oily Indonesian skin face, it's working very good. I used it for almost 2 months now and the appearance of comedo on my nose is getting less now. Just be careful with the foam, you have to wash it very careful, otherwise it will hurt your eyes :P

The feeling after washing with this cleanser also OK, quite fresh, and doesn't make your skin face tight. This might be too heavy for people with dry skin.

And the price also affordable. In bangkok supermarket:
- Neutrogena-Pore Refining - Cleanser = 120 THB = 3 USD
- Neutrogena-Pore Refining - Toner = 150 THB = 4 USD
- Neutrogena-Pore Refining - Essence = 500 THB = 13 USD

Check Neutrogena sites for complete information about their products.

Other cleansing foam recommendations from some girlfriends are:
- Shiseido deep cleansing foam
- Clinique comforting cleanser
- Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser
- Kose Seikisho (black bar soap)

Price-wise, I think I will continue using Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser for next time ;)

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